Meet Naturopathic Practitioner Dr. Osik

homeopathic doctor Dr. OsikDr. Osik graduated from NCNM in Portland, Oregon in 1987. She also attended the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine where she was trained in acupuncture and chinese herbs. After graduation she practiced in Southbury for five years as well as maintaining a home office practice in Danbury.

She then opened a practice in Middlebury with two other ND’s and continued to see patients in Middlebury as well as in Danbury for the next 10 years.

Dr. Osik’s office is nestled in a beautiful tree-filled setting with a relaxing pond and waterfall complete with water lilies and sometimes a frog or two. If you are lucky, you might see one of the squirrels or baby deer looking in the window. Her office is not only beautiful but very relaxing.

Special Interests:

I am interested in the role that environmental toxins play in the development of cancer and how we need to limit our exposure to them. It is so important to inform and educate people of the dangers of hazardous chemicals and plastics present in our everyday environment. BSP-A and other plastics are known hormone disruptors linked to the development of breast and prostate cancer.